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We provide a one stop shop for your computer repair, insurance, and tax preparation services!

Free 1040EZ Income Tax Preparation for single filers with one W2 and first time filers with us

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Tax Preparation  | Castle Company

Tax preparation is tedious and incredibly time consuming, and while there are plenty of places that can offer to do...

Computer Repair  | Castle Company

Technology is becoming more integrated into our everyday life, but that still doesn’t mean it is getting easier to fix...

Insurance  | Castle Company

Insurance is important for not only a person to have, but businesses as well, as having it can protect you from a...

Free Income Tax Preparation for single filers with one W2 form, one 1040EZ and first time filers with us!

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The phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none” is very well understood, but at Castle Computers, Travel, Insurance & Taxes, we truly are masters of all of our trades! We specialize in a number of necessary services, all conveniently located at one business location.

We have expert technicians who specialize in computer repair, professional registered income tax preparers who can help you with your income taxes, licensed insurance agents for businesses, and even travel agents who can help you plan your dream vacation! We are also a certified public notary and will happily notarize any legal documents you might have!

We feel that too many businesses try to focus on only one service, and in such a busy place like the Bronx, having to travel around to multiple locations in order to have everything taken care of is a physical hassle and can end up taking all day! This is why we have chosen to offer a number of essential services for you to take advantage of, all at one place. So if you need insurance, computer assistance, or your taxes filed, those are just some of the many services we offer at Castle Computers, Travel, Insurance & Taxes, so please stop by and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Given the metropolitan nature of the Bronx area, we are capable of assisting customers whose first language is not English. We are particularly well versed in Spanish, as well as Russian and Ukrainian, so we are more than capable of dealing with individuals or families who do not speak English. We are entirely committed to making the services we offer as easy as they can be for you, so don’t let a possible language barrier stop you from paying us a visit! Whether English. Spanish, Russian, or Ukrainian, we can help you today!